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Wednesday, March 21, 2012


What a difference a year makes!

Last year this time, we were excited about a great group of girls on the pitch. These girls were and still are legends in our own lil' corner of the soccer world, but to the rest of the country, they were but a nameless though scrappy bunch.  We anticipated hosting the W-League Finals and the potential for the hoisting of a cup.  We dug around for fresh gossip & hearsay about possible connections and promotion into the WPS.  The Aux consisted of a small group of hardcore supporters who couldn't wait for the W-League season to start up.  We were excited about a game from which we could sing off the balcony at MadPizza.  We put together another 5 or 6 two-poles for the girls and were hopeful that we could get 30+ ECS members to two or more matches.

This year we are simply drooling with anticipation.  First, Hope & Syd.  Then, Alex.  Elston. LP. Julia Roberts. Veronica Perez.  Rumors and speculation abound about new signings every week.  Even as I write this, I wonder if I am up to date with our most recent jaw-dropping addition.  When will new GM Amy Carnell be satisfied?  The ENTIRE National Side and EVERY Husky legend???  To this, I cannot be sure, but people are starting to take notice of our club.  As supporters, we are looking at upwards of 100 Aux Members, increased beer/food discounts, organized Away-Trips, ticket allocations, drums, banners, tifo parties, press passes, OH MY!

Now, many have openly wondered how many games these stars will be available for, and we are rightly concerned.  However, we've gotten confirmation that the big names will be around for as many as 8 of the 10 home games, only parting due to Olympic Team duties.  As a supporter, it is and always will be Club before Country.  But as a player, the opposite is true.  The Olympics & World Cups in the future will be all the sweeter with OUR Lady Sounders on the pitch.

If all goes as planned, this will not be a flash in the pan gimmick.  These girls will be here to stay.  Young talent like Julia Roberts have come to Seattle to train with the best...

...and it is our job to deny them any thought of ever leaving.  This is OUR club and the atmosphere we create at Starfire will, no must, rival, if not exceed, the talent on the pitch.  GM Amy Carnell has put the world's best talent on the pitch, it is our turn to rise up and let them know that OUR pitch is where they belong!

2012 will be a year of color, noise, AND FUN in the terrace.  IS YOUR VOICE READY?!?

Membership will be free this year and include a card, which will allow you to purchase discounted tickets.  Food and Beer Discounts are at the negotiation stage.  BC, LA, and Colorado travel packages for away games are also in the works.

Get geared up with official AUX Merchandise at TheAuxShop and have it delivered by April 9th!  


See you in the Terrace.

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