NEXT GAME: May 4th - SOUNDERSWOMEN vs. UW Huskies (7:30pm Starfire)

Sunday, April 1, 2012


Interested in following the Lady Sounders on Twitter?  Head over to the OUR GiRLS tab to find links to Twitter handles, videos, Bio pages, and more.  As the team hasn't been solidified yet, many of the names are only to the best of our current knowledge. Get to know the girls before next week's preseason match against

If you know something we don't: someone signed with the team, has a new nickname, or maybe you just found an awesome video, website/page, or interview of one the girls?  Add a link into the comments of this entry and we'll get them onto the OUR GiRLS page.

See you in the Terrace!

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  1. Love the twitter list. Thanks for setting that up. I am excited for this game. All but four of the USWNT members will be there, but even more exciting is the rest of the team looked very good in practice this week. This should be a very solid team even without the USWNT members. So glad you guys are there to lead the way for the fans in the stands. There is another Keeper in the mix, but I didn't catch her name.