NEXT GAME: May 4th - SOUNDERSWOMEN vs. UW Huskies (7:30pm Starfire)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Almost Game Week (Preseason style)

With the ladies taking the pitch against Western this coming Thursday, its time to look at the women's game.

For those of you who've never seen a ladies' game, it is a different animal than the men's game.

However, as I began writing this piece, I recieved a tweet from David Falk and the Seattle Soccer Examiner with an interesting article examining some of the differences between the men's and women's games from a referee's perspective: Behind the Whistle: How do boys and girls play soccer differently?  Rather than recreate the wheel, I will submit myself humbly to Ray Moffatte's years of experience on the pitch.

What to expect Thursday evening at Starfire:
The combinations coming from early practices this spring have shown that the aught'11 Lady Sounders will bring a more fan-friendly attacking game than most would suspect.  The late night battles of recent weeks have been hardfought, fast-paced affairs; one can only wonder what will happen when they unleash on an opponent.

The roster for Thursday's affair will be made at Tuesday night's practice.  Thus far, Leighton has been holding his cards close and it should prove be an interesting list of girls making the cut.  Good luck ladies & welcome back Leighton!

Coach O'Brien back with the USL Sounders in '05 (Taken from