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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sounders 2:1 Blue Heat. FINAL.

1: Santa Clarita kicks things off on a beautiful night here at Starfire.  Relieved to see that there are no Blue Heat ball girls...

41: After a forty minute barrage. Schmitty finds Redwine on a well earned cross from the touch line in the 41st min. Sounders 1:0 Blue Heat

45+: Halftime whistle sounds, our ladies are in complete control.  Sounders 1:0 Blue Heat

58: GOOOOAAALLL!!!  Sounders net a second on a gorgeous no-look header by Jocelyn Charette!  With that, the Heat change keepers.  Sounders 2:0 Blue Heat

80: Santa Clarita's #14 nets a cheeky chip to the far post from just inside the 18 & with that we've got a ballgame.  Sounders 2:1 Blue Heat

90+: SOUNDERS WIN!  It's final at Starfire, Sounders 2:1 Blue Heat.  Some extracurricular post-game activities are highlighted by some strong words from the Santa Clarita side, Tarawra put the RAWR in that conversation.  The potential bench-clearing scuffle was nulled by hundreds of youth soccer players rushing the field.  An obviously unhappy Santa Clarita Coach even threw the Gatorade bucket in disgust.

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