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Friday, June 4, 2010

Frenchie goes Golden

Michelle French, long-time standout midfielder and captain for the Sounders Women (who's skill reached mythical status after her return from battle with Cancer last season), will be honored with the Golden Scarf at tomorrow's Sounders FC vs. New England Revolution Match!

For more information on Frenchie, check out David Falk's Seattle Soccer ExaminerSteve Kelley's Seattle Times ArticleDan Raley's Seattle PI Article, or just google/bing the girl; there's tons out there on our superstar.


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  1. Frenchie is a class act. When she played against Pali in the season finale last year, the TDA gave her an ovation during introductions for all she has persevered through.

    Congrats, Michelle, and keep up the good work, Aux!